Basic Nature

Bring tranquillity and harmony into your home with green houseplants, natural hues and materials. Be bold and place large houseplants in central areas of your living room, coffee table, beside a cabinet or the sofa. Create uniformity by combining the pieces of furniture in a range of natural hues.

Small space creativity

Lacking space? Then opt for a cosy bar table instead of a dining table. The Wooster Street Bar Table with it’s folding table tops make it the perfect table for small spaces. With a bar table you create height differentiation with your other furniture helping to make your space appear bigger than it actually is.

Styling tip

Rope suspended plants are one of the latest home trends. Not only is it fun to suspend plants, but you could try tableware too. Wall baskets help to create the ultimate bohemian effect.

Natural look

Carry the natural look throughout the living room with a fabulous rattan hanging lamp, the Africa Lounge Chair, wooden tables, cabinets, fresh firewood and plants everywhere.

The timeless 3 seater Crescent Avenue Sofa in olive velvet makes a striking statement, whilst the floor rugs create uniformity in this fabulous setting.

Inspiration for a natural dining table

Enjoy that natural look during an intimate dinner party using a beautifully laid table. Choose one of our stunning wooden topped dining tables  to complete the look.