Gentlemans Cosy

Ambience and homeliness form an integral part of the cosy interior space. Sometimes it’s tricky to create cosiness in the home but choose warm materials such as velvet and dark wood. Place a homely rug on the floor and don’t forget houseplants. Be inspired by this timeless style.

Seating area inspiration

Choose a coffee table with a dark table top – the Flatiron Coffee Table is a great option.  Matched with the lighter, ornamental Hermitage Coffee Table Marble Top it looks and feels great.

Homely décor

Is a guaranteed ambience enhancer. Warm throws, cushions, rugs and fresh houseplants are a must. Be inspired by this living room that has been designed down to the finest detail. None of the seating furniture matches in colour, but they do though come in the same velvet fabric, which injects an element of uniformity into the space.

Personal touch

A personal touch is vital in a living room. Personal photos in beautiful photo frames and paintings depicting your favourite places and memories. Group personal items together and display them on one of our robust wall shelves.

Dining table inspiration

Continue the use of darker hues into the dining room. Use two colours to offer a touch of uniformity. In this example we’ve opted for grey and blue on the back of the dining chairs, hanging lamps and the wall colour.